About Us

Located in the Sault Tribe’s Community Health Department, Sault Tribe’s Health Education Services develop and implement effective health promotion and chronic disease prevention programs in order to increase the health of individuals, families, and communities across the Sault Tribe seven county service area. Health education staff focus on promoting, maintaining, and restoring the health of our community members. Health Education’s current three priority areas include:

Tobacco Free Living: Tobacco (Semma) is a sacred medicine to the Anishnaabe people, when tobacco is abused in ways such as smoking or chewing it causes serious illness and disease, even death. Health Education’s Nicotine Dependence Program provides one- on-one cessation services for individuals wishing to quit using commercial tobacco products. Health Education also focuses on reducing youth access to tobacco as well as helping create tobacco free environments.

Physical Activity: Regular physical activity is as important as good nutrition in controlling weight and living longer, healthier lives. Sault Tribe Health Education offers a variety of programs for increasing physical activity.

Health Education works with youth, in our Youth Education and Activities (YEA) program and other areas to encourage participation in fun, social, physical activities including cardio dance, basketball, relay races and other activities. These activities contribute to greater overall health and motivate youth to make healthy choices concerning exercise and wellness.

Sault Tribe Health Education collaborates with the Sault Tribe Registered Dieticians in offering the MOVE! Weight Management Program.  MOVE! encourages healthy eating behavior and increasing physical activity to reduce health risks, prevent or reverse certain diseases and improve quality of life and longevity. Health Educators offer group and one-on-one exercise prescriptions for all MOVE! participants.  MOVE! program is available to adults 18 years and older

Healthy Foods: Proper nutrition plays a vital role to an individual’s and community’s health. Health Education is working to increase access to healthy foods and beverages in our communities in a number of creative ways. Through community coalition work, Health Education partners to provide healthy cooking and preparation instruction.  Health Education also promotes use of farmers’ markets, community gardens, and hoop houses through community and school initiatives.

For more information or to access services please contact Sault Tribe Community Health main office at (906) 632-5210.