U.P. rich with serene scenes for meditation anytime, anywhere

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The benefits of meditation are powerful. People have personal, unique reasons for engaging in daily or regular practice. Meditators commonly experience an improved concentration and sense of oneself, which leads to confidence and respect for life.

Meditation is an easy practice to get into – it can be done anywhere at any time – by simply paying attention to breathing. Breathing techniques can be done while on break, taking a walk, or practicing yoga.

Beach Meditation

Group meditation takes place at Sherman Park in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. (Photo courtesy of Allie Brawley.)

For beginners, two minutes a day to start, and gradually increasing each week, is a good rule of thumb. Here are a few simple suggestions to get started practicing mindful meditation:

  1. Find a comfortable, quiet spot
  2. Pay attention to your breathing
  3. When your mind wanders return to your breathing

While a wandering mind is often the most difficult part to overcome, try to avoid becoming frustrated. Another option for beginners is listening to guided meditation.

The Upper Peninsula is the perfect place for meditation. It’s rich with serene and soothing backdrops for meditating along the shore, near a river or in an open field. Natural sounds of the water or the wind in the trees can enhance the experience.

The greatest health benefits come from regular practice over time. All it takes is keeping an open mind, and allowing meditation to help restore calm and inner balance, and create mindfulness that carries through the week.

“When people have a better connection between their own mind and body, they learn to take care of themselves better,” said Allie Brawley, founder and registered yoga Instructor at Northern Life Yoga in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. “Whether it’s making better choices about what to eat or incorporating a regular exercise routine ­it’s about understanding their own body so they can take care of it to achieve balance in terms of their lifestyle.”

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