6 Running Myths Stopping You From Running

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We’ve heard them all: “I’m not built for running,” “I get bored too easily,” “I wouldn’t be able to make it around the block.” These excuses keep many people from ever lacing up their sneakers to give running a shot. But running is a great way to improve your heart health and lose weight (among other benefits!). Even taking a modified approach, like going out for an easy jog or doing intervals of walking and running, can help you reap the benefits.

Committing to a goal like finishing a race is a great way to give running a shot. With that in mind, we’re here to kick your excuses to the curb. Check out these six reasons you may think you can’t run a race, but you actually can:

  1. My body can’t handle the stress of a 5K or something longer: Then start with running around the block. Then around 2 blocks. Slowly build up endurance and speed, and you’ll be shocked how well you can do
  2. Running is so boring: Draw out a fun route or sign up for a fun run. Race day, you will be excited to get going.
  3. I don’t know the right form: Posture and foot placement are very important when it comes to running. Those can be a big part of why you feel uncomfortable while you run.
  4. Running Alone? No thanks: Perhaps you can bring your dog, or kids. It also helps to have some music or a podcast going while you run!
  5. I don’t like the hills outside: You can start by running on the treadmill and then slowly substitute days on the treadmill to outside, to ease into it.
  6. I get so many blisters: With the right shoes, moisturized skin, and  wicking socks blisters shouldn’t be an issues. IF you do get one or two, don’t pop them. They will go away on their own.


This article came from A Healthier Michigan. To read the full article, click here!

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